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Seller Assistant App is a Chrome extension, which allows you to search for products on Amazon quickly and effortlessly. Designed for sellers of various backgrounds and experience from solo-entrepreneurs to professional teams. Seller Assistant App provides you with all the information you need in one place

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No more guesswork!

Make fast and informed decisions based on valid data and market estimate.

Seller Assistant App simplifies and speeds up your product sourcing and research

  • ✓ Instant Sales Estimate
  • ✓ Profit and FBA calculator
  • ✓ Revenue Potential
  • ✓ One-click export to Google Sheets
  • ✓ Restrictions and Hazmat alert
  • ✓ Flexible settings


Valuable information

✓ Essential Product data: ASIN, BSR, Category

✓ Embedded right inside the Amazon product page

✓ Quick links to Product Description Section, Reviews, Offers, etc

Competition at a glance

✓ Number of FBA/FBM Offers

✓ Total and lowest price

✓ Price min/max and averages

✓ Sales information

✓ Your sales and profit estimates

Advanced Profit Calculator

✓ ROI and Profit Margin

✓ Referral and FBA fees

✓ Customizable 3rd-party logistics' costs

Product Dimensions

✓ Product dimensions and weight including

✓ Product Size Tier

Export to Google Sheets

✓ One-click export to Google Sheets

✓ Save all product details for future use and analysis

✓ Customize your data export with ease

Restrictions and Alerts

✓ Restrictions checker (brand and category restrictions)

✓ Hazmat detector [coming soon]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I install the plugin to my employee's browser?

A: Yes. A subscription is valid for a single Amazon Seller Account and can be used on your employees' computers.

Q: What Amazon Marketplaces does the Seller Assistant App support?

A: Seller Assistant App supports:

  • (USA)
  • (Canada)
  • (United Kingdom)
  • (Germany) is coming soon

Q: Does this plugin require to complete Amazon MWS API setup?

A: Yes, we follow Amazon's MWS policies which require sellers to authorize our access in order to make calls on the seller's behalf.

Q: What information does the Seller Assistant App gather from my Amazon Account?

A: We use MWS Auth Token to communicate to Amazon to get the following information: Sales Rank Information, details about the products and offers available


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